mila kunis movie orgasm

8 Celebrities’ Secret Orgasm Faces

Taken from movies or “less fortunate” photos from paparazzi. When it comes to celebrities, I think we’d give anything so we can see their faces when they reach climax. This collection is the next best thing. Enjoy


  1. Katy Perry – I’m not sure what she’s humping, but there’s definitely enjoyment and pleasure on her face.katy perry orgasm-like reaction
  2. Meg Ryan – This is the classic “fake orgasm” from the movie “When Harry Met Sally”. If you don’t know it, watch it. Or just watch the gif, it’s oddly satisfying.
    meg ryan orgasm face
  3. Hello, Mila Kunis! Her really hot enticing sweet face really makes this pic a successful one. And the point of view is great, you can almost imagine she’s in your bed. xoxo mila kunis movie orgasm
  4. Beyonce having a shaky orgasm. OK, I admit, this is more on the funny side. But her fans will truly appreciate it 🙂beyonce shaking orgasm
  5. Rihanna  – oh yes, another passionate woman. Her unique style and hot body can cause a lot of day-dreaming.rihanna orgasm face
  6. Mandy Moore – your forever childhood crush has an extremely hot orgasm face. I’m not sure what she was doing in this particular photo, but we can guess she is like this in bed.Mandy Moore Orgasm Face
  7. Keira Knightley remade Meg Ryan’s moment, and this is how it lookes like. Please, turn on the sound!


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